Happy Tuft is a platform for selling equipment dedicated to tufting gun or “rug” in other countries. We offer a complete range of tufting guns as well as all the necessary accessories for your future creations. (Wooden frames, fabrics, threads, finishing accessories or comforts for your activity)

Our tufting guns are 100% tested in our premises in France by the Happy Tuft team. We propose directly on tufting-gun.com a delivery in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and England but we can deliver everywhere in Europe and in the whole world on request.

Tufting 2 in 1 by Happy Tuft :

We have always offered a wide range of tufting guns, but for us the most important thing is to always offer the best performing equipment available. Below you will find our most popular tufting gun model with a cut or curl finish. Simply change the needle to switch from one mode to the other:

Tufting Gun 2 in 1 By Happy Tuft™

  • Easy to use and light
  • Cut and looped carpet finishing (Needle for cut finishing already in place at the reception)
  • Adjustable speed via a knob under the handle
  • Finishing length adjustable from 4 to 19 mm
  • After sales service in France !
  • French electrical outlet
285€ - Free delivery by clicking here


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Tufting gun 2 in 1 in detail:

Difference in the finish of your Tufting gun:

There are two finishes for your carpet creations, on one hand the cut finish and on the other hand the loop finish. With our 2 in 1 tufting gun by Happy Tuft you can choose the finish you prefer. The change from one to the other is done with a very simple manipulation. Simply change the needle at the end of your tufting gun.

If you decide to create a cut finish rug the needle is equipped with a blade that cuts the thread at each return stroke. On the other hand, when finishing with a loop, the needle is not equipped with this blade, so the thread will never be cut. This means that once you have reached the edge of the mat when creating it and you want to start from the bottom you have to cut the thread yourself. It takes slightly longer to create a looped finish carpet than a cut finish.

Finition tufting gun a boucle ou coupe pour tapis

Length of finish of your carpet :

If there are tufting machines for carpets with a fixed length of finishing more or less long we decided once again to offer you a versatile device. Our Tufting gun 2 in 1 by Happy tufting allows a finishing from 4 to 19 mm.

The longest finish of 19 mm is only possible with a cut finish and the shortest finish of 4 mm only with a loop finish. You can set your tufting gun for a cut finish from 7 to 19 mm and a ball finish from 4 to 14 mm.

This adjustment is done in a very simple way by increasing or decreasing the path of the needle of your tufting gun.

Longueur fibre finition tufting gun

Spool of thread for Tufting Gun :

Many colors to find here!

Fabric for Tufting Gun:

We offer fabric ranging from 1 to 3 meters wide and 1 to 5 meters long.

Tufting Gun Trimmer:

For a perfect finish of your carpets with cut finish we advise you to use a tufting gun. The size of your carpet and the level of finish you desire will guide you to one of our tufting gun mowers. It allows the regularity of the hair, the finishing of the edges, the sculpting of the forms.

We offer a full range of products for small to medium sized pieces and with the ease of sculpting your carpets to bring them details to more powerful machines or professional for XXL carpets.

What is a Tufting gun?

The tufting gun is a device dedicated to the creation of carpets. It will allow you to create rugs with a longer or shorter finish and with a cut or looped yarn. The thread passes through the needle of the device to slip into the stitches of the fabric to tuft to create your carpet back.

Our new Tufting gun is a 2 in 1 device that allows you to create cut or looped finish mats!

The difference between these two finishes allows you to choose between a looped or more classic cut finish. In general, the cut finish is the most used because it is both simpler and faster to install.

If we had proposed until 2021 tufting gun either the cut or curly finish as well as a less accessible model 2 in 1 we now propose a complete device 2 in 1 without increase of our pricing.

C'est Quoi un Tufting gun

What do you need to get started?

To start creating your first carpet , you need the basic materials to begin tufting. A tufting gun with the cut and/or looped finish that you can find at happy Tuft’. You will be able to alternate this finish in your creations to expand the field of possibilities.

Then, you will need a tufting cloth which will be fixed on a support also called tufting gun frame. This support will depend on the use and the need you have. For small creations a small frame will suffice but to make carpets with XXL tufting gun you will have to create a custom frame. Finally, you will need many spools of thread, a trimmer and accessories for finishing.

materiel tufting gun

How does a Happy Tuft gun work?

Security basics:

Always make sure your tufting gun is turned off before you put it on. We even advise you to unplug it to avoid starting it while you are doing something if you need to make an adjustment or replace a part of your machine.

While using your Tufting Gun :

First of all, as with a sewing machine, check that nothing can get tangled in the cogs of your machine.

Thread the fabric on your machine:

No matter which device you have decided to take, you have to follow the threading system which must pass through two “eyes”. You can start by passing your fabric through the top and then finish on the needle side.

You can use a needle taper like in sewing to simplify the task. Otherwise a paper clip will do.

Start working:

Once everything is ready you can plug in your tufting gun as long as you have prepared your frame and your tufting gun fabric.

To begin with, I advise you to go simply by following a movement from bottom to top. Once you get the hang of your machine you can start handling the tufting gun differently.

If you are using a loop tufting gun you will have to cut the line once at the end of the line. However, if you use a tufting gun that cuts the wire you don’t have to do anything.

Pressure on the tufting gun fabric:

Your tufting gun has a stand that allows you to press the device against the fabric. You need to press hard enough so that the pressure allows the fabric to thread well.

How to properly maintain your tufting gun:

The maintenance of your tufting gun is rather simple but very important. It is usually sufficient to add a few drops of tufting gun oil. We recommend that you do this about once a month. It also depends on how intensively you use the device.

The only part you will need to change over time may be the cutting needle which will need to be replaced if you have used your tufting gun very intensively over a long period of time.