Happy Tuft is a sales platform dedicated to the tufting gun. We provide a complete range of tufting guns as well as all the necessary accessories for the realization of your future creations.

Our tufting guns are 100% tested in our premises in France by the Happy Tuft team before being shipped. We directly suggest on tufting-gun.com a delivery in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and England but we can deliver everywhere in Europe and in the whole world on request.


Tufting Gun

Loop Tufting Gun


What is a Tufting gun?

While you are using your tufting gun or tufting machine, the thread is inserted by a needle in the form of a loop (cut or not depending on the model you choose) in your tufting gun fabric. 

We offer different tufting guns including our two main models :

  • Tufting gun LOOP
  • Tufting gun CUT

The difference between these two models is the finish you want to get during your weaving sessions. Either the tufting gun will give a looped finish. Or, the device will cut the fabric for a straighter finish.

For those of you who want a more complete device we also offer a 2 in 1 model that allows you to rotate between the two finishes

Tufting gun machine


Boucle ou coupe



To start creating your first rug you will need some basic materials. A tufting gun to start with the cut or looped finish that you can find at Happy Tuft. You can also go for a 2 in 1 device and why not alternate during your creations to enlarge the possibilities. For further creativity you can adjust your tufting gun to different lengths to create a very interesting relief effect. Then, you will need a tufting cloth which will be fixed on a support. This support will depend on the use and the need you have.  For small creations a small frame will suffice but to make XXL tufting gun rugs you will need to create a custom frame. Finally, you will need several spools of thread.

Tufting gun loop
Tissu tufting gun
Tissu tufting gun
Laine tufting gun


Security basics:

Always make sure your tufting gun is turned off before you put it on. We even recommend that you unplug it to avoid turning it on while you are setting it up.

The same goes if you need to make an adjustment or replace a part of your machine.

While using your tufting gun:

First of all, as with a sewing machine, check that nothing can get tangled up in your device.

Threading the fabric on your machine:

Whatever device you decide to take, you must follow the threading system which must pass through two “eyes”. You can start by threading your fabric from the top and then finish on the needle side.

You can use a needle threader to simplify the task. Otherwise a paper clip will do the trick.

Start working:

Once everything is ready, you can plug in your tufting gun as long as you have prepared your frame and tufting gun fabric.

The tufting gun can only work in one direction. You will have to orient it according to the direction and orientation you want to achieve. To begin with, I recommend that you simply move it up and down. Once you get the hang of your machine you can start to handle the tufting gun differently.

If you are using a loop tufting gun you will need to cut the tip once you reach the end of the line. If you use a tufting gun that cuts the line you don’t have to do anything..


Pressure on the tufting gun :

Your tufting gun has a holder that allows you to press the device against the fabric. You have to press hard enough so that the pressure allows the fabric to thread well.

How to properly maintain your tufting gun :

Maintaining your tufting gun is pretty simple. You usually just need to add a few drops of sewing machine oil. We recommend that you do this about once a month. It also depends on how much you use the machine.

The only part that you will need to change over time may be the cutting needle which will need to be changed if you have used your tufting gun very intensively and over a long period of time.